Painting with Glass

If there’s one thing Kim Hewitt knows what to work with, it’s with the stunning effects of stained glass. Since starting up her business, Shattered Light Landscapes, Kim has become an expert at mosaic glass creations. Working closely with refurbished, vintage frames, Kim has discovered the many ways in which light can breath life into her paintings of glass.

Always a creative spirit, Kim dabbled in painting and crafting from an early age. She began selling a few of her paintings in Calgary, where she resided at the time, but never dreamed her creative side would be the start of a business. After taking a stained glass class, her business ventures began. Inspired by her love of working with stained glass and light, and the stunning effects it created, her business blossomed as people began to take interest in her artwork.

Since moving to Thunder Bay, Kim has since become a stay-at-home mom, and Shattered Light ShatteredLight02Landscapes has proven to be a great way to keep her motivated and inspired while attending to her daily responsibilities. She specializes in a glass-on-glass technique, which allows the light to shine through the stained glass. The result is a stunning effect, and much of her work has found a place in the homes of Thunder Bay. Some have even travelled as far as Western Canada, Midwestern United States and Alaska! Besides her stained glass mosaics, Kim has enjoyed branching out and has also created smaller home decor items, jewellery, sun catchers and even custom cabinet doors. She enjoys specializing in unique home decor through all of her work, always focused on recycling unwanted and salvaged items.

ShatteredLightKim’s art has become available both within the community, at the market, and online. Her very first art showcase in Thunder Bay was the 2015 Valley Fresh Buskers Festival, where she first introduced her mosaic glass paintings to the public. Since then, her work has also become available in the Lake Superior Art Gallery and through her online Etsy store. This past April, we were thrilled to have Shattered Light Landscapes join our talented vendor lineup here at the market, where Kim has enjoyed ‘becoming part of the family.’ Her unique works of art hardly go unnoticed by passing-by shoppers. You’ll even find a few one-of-a-kind drawings for sale by her four-year-old son, a unique touch to her vendor stand. Actually, all of her works are guaranteed one-of-a-kind, with no two mosaics alike. Kim is passionate about her work, and it shows. She works hard to develop new concepts for her mosaics, inspired mainly through the natural ShatteredLight03surroundings of Thunder Bay and area. Plus, she always welcomes custom work, and will happily accept any challenge as it keeps her motivated towards new ideas. On July 4th, Kim plans to feature her work at the Hovland Arts Festival in Grand Marais, MN. When she’s not focused on her own works, you’ll find her in a classroom setting at the Lake Superior Art Gallery, teaching others the art of stained glass mosaics.

Kim has dreams to branch out her business, and would love to have her work featured in more local businesses around Thunder Bay. She has already been approached by a few local businesses interested in displaying her work on their own walls. The truth is, she can’t keep up, and demand for her work has increased. A good problem to have, she adds. Kim is presently working on a few new items to her lineup, and is excited to have them featured at the market. You’ll find Shattered Light Landscapes on the 2nd floor, where Kim will happily show you around, on Wednesdays from 3:30pm – 6:30pm and again on Saturdays from 8:00am – 1:00pm. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch a glimpse of her glass-on-light paintings!     

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