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430429_382337481776983_259680070_nThird generation farm-owner Peter Brink knows what he’s doing. Providing the Thunder Bay community with quality beef and pork has become part of his weekly routine. And after having his products available for 8 years at the market, there’s no going back!

Sandy Acres Farm, located near the town of Kakabeka Falls, has been in operation since 1958. What began as a small dairy farm in the hands of Peter’s grandfather has since become a quality beef and pork operation. Both Peter and certified chef, Scott Poluyko, play a big role in maintaining the farm and raising their quality beef and pork. Sandy Acres is home to a mixed herd of beef cattle including Limousin, a cattle breed from France, and Black Angus, the newest addition to the herd. Both breeds boast robust, excellent quality meat. No growth hormones, antibiotics or by-products are used in raising their cattle. Sandy Acres believes in providing customers with an all-natural product, therefore all of their cattle feed is either grown on the farm itself or purchased locally. Summertime sees the herd out on the field grazing on pasture grass while in winter they are fed quality hay and grains. As a result, Sandy Acres is proud to offer an all-natural, locally-raised product. And the same goes for their pork. Five years ago, they brought pigs onto the farm to provide another source of protein. Currently they work with a mixed herd of Landrace and Berkshire sows and boars, both known for their own exceptional qualities in fat content, carcass weight and amount of finish. Comfort is key in raising their pigs, which are all born and raised on the farm itself.10268589_930518493625543_3968935679342000969_n

Sandy Acres Farm is proud to offer their beef in a number of different cuts and finishes including ground beef, ready-made patties, sausages, steaks and roasts. Pork is available as bacon, ribs, chops, hams and more. Custom boxes and orders are welcome, or try a few of their current packages including the “Summer Grillin’ Box” which includes some juicy assets for your BBQ! Catch them every week at the market or pre-order their product from the farm itself and they may even have it delivered straight to your door! Contact the farm ahead of time for scheduled pickups or an informal tour, where visitors are welcome with a little advance notice. Around town, you’ll find their product featured in a few restaurants including The Caribou and Tomlin.

Quality protein is worth the investment, and you won’t be disappointed by the quality products that Sandy Farm Acres provides! They are not to be missed at the market, come your next trip!

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