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Authentic Indian food at the Market.Shikha’s Kitchen is bringing you authentic Indian cuisine and with it a little piece of India.  Born in Bangladesh, Chef Hasan learned the art of cooking from his mother and grandmother and wants to bring you the rich, genuine flavors he was raised with.  Devoted to bringing you a product of the heart, Shikha and Hasan aim to provide you with quality, flavor, and serving sizes to make sure you always get a full stomach and humming taste buds.

Shikha’s Kitchen has an interactive menu that lets you cater meals to your own personal tastes. Do you like your food mild, spicy, or somewhere in between? With Shikha’s there are no worries, you can have the flavours that suits you the best. Everything offered by Shikha’s Kitchen is fresh and home-made so you can count on the promise of no preservatives, artificial flavors or MSG. Just remember to give Hasan a call in advance of pickup so he has time to construct the most delicious feast you’ve ever tasted.

Customer health is important to Shikha’s kitchen. Major allergies are taken into account during food preparation and their kitchen is always kept to the highest standard of cleanliness. They are always willing to let you watch them as they prepare your food and who knows, you just might get a story about India that will make your imagination run wild. Come on out to the Country Market and look for Shikha’s kitchen. It’s your chance to experience a genuine taste of India.

SHIKHA_spicesPut some spice in your life and remember, Shikha’s offers a takeout menu during the week and a freshly prepared menu of entrees and desserts every Saturday at the Country Market.

Click here to download the menu for Shikha’s Kitchen now.

Authentic Indian food at the Market.Contact:

Phone: 707-3156
Address: 345 Harold St N.
Thunder Bay, Ontario

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