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Have you ever wanted to taste a yogurt that could warm your heart and tickle your taste-buds? Jim and Wilma, the owners of Slate River Dairy, have created a wholesome yogurt made just for you.

Growing up on dairy farms Jim and Wilma learned everything there is to know about milk so nobody is better suited to bringing you locally made yogurt than this experienced couple. They keep all the natural goodness of the milk without adding anything more. Eat their product by itself, or in a parfait with granola, fruits, brown sugar or vanilla. The beauty of their product lies in its versatility and simplicity. Smooth and pure, their yogurt will introduce your taste buds to a homemade and delicious dairy product unmatched in both flavor and in the health benefits of their pro-biotic culture.

Wilma devoted nearly six months to perfecting her recipe so that customers at the Country Market could experience a wholesome homemade yogurt like never before and decide for themselves how much better the real thing is than mass-produced product.  Slate River Dairy makes sure they only use locally-produced dairy in their product because they believe every customer should be able to see where their food comes from. They are committed to the high standard of quality dairy products, a commitment that shines through with each spoonful of their yogurt.

Jim and Wilma’s dairy farm, Riverbend Farm, where Slate River Dairy is located, was the first farm in Thunder Bay certified under the Canadian Quality Milk Program. Devoted to cleanliness, quality, and involved in the production of their product from start to finish, Slate River Dairy offers an unparalleled product in terms of flavor, health, and customer satisfaction. Come out to the Country Market and get your own taste of natural and wholesome Thunder Bay yogurt.

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