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JO-MIK_mochaloafJoe Myslicki at Jo-Mik Baking knows his loaves.  You may have seen the lovely breads he does fairly regularly, but the new varieties he’s offering are in a class all their own.

First:  the Mocha Coffee Loaf.  At 10am the thought of this item sitting in your lunch bag, on the break-room counter or awaiting your guests may prove to be too much to wait a half-hour to enjoy at coffee break.  This is a pound-cake-like loaf made with real butter and sour cream, with a sweet layer of coffee-and-nut filling awaiting inside and a thick ganache made with melted chocolate and whipping cream gracing the top.  It is, quite simply, delicious.  A perfect crumb lets you slice it easily but lets the slices fall into halves around the filling, making for a perfect finger food at coffee time.  The rich cake is sweetened by the mocha filling with a little walnut for texture and the thick ganache on top makes it sinfully rich.

Then there is the Cheese Bread.  Somehow Joe has combined the best flavour and texture elements of a cheese biscuit into a whole loaf that slices beautifully and doesn’t go hard and stale like a small biscuit does after just a day.  Leavened just with egg and given enormous body and heft by the sheer quantity of shredded Cheddar inside, this loaf smells a little bit like heaven when fresh.  Toasted in slices, the fresh smell returns and adds its delicious aroma to sandwiches.

JO-MIK_cheesebreadTry Joe’s Cheese Bread sliced as Hollow Oak Egg Nests on Sunday Morning:

  • two slices Cheese Bread, buttered both sides
  • two eggs
  • salt & pepper
  • non-stick frying pan

Heat frying pan to medium.  Butter both sides of each slice and cut a loonie-sized hole from the center of each slice.  Fry “bread holes” as well for a treat. Drop each slice in the frying pan and crack one egg into the hole cut from each.  Salt and pepper.  Wait a few minutes for the egg on the bottom to firm up and flip.  When ready, your yolk should be soft in the middle and the whites cooked.

A favourite with kids!



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