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Sheep and Red Angus Beef
Our farm in South Gillies is nestled in a valley with mountains on three sides and a creek running through it. Homesteaded in 1906, we are the fourth family to keep this land in active farming. We have a flock of 60 sheep that provide us with lambs once each year. The wool is marketed to a Northern Ontario wool mill. We also have a herd of Red Angus Beef, who enjoy roaming the 100 acre piece of the farm in the summer. We grow crops on most of the remaining 220 acres. This becomes winter feed for all our animals. Winter housing for the animals is a large open concept barn with plenty of dry straw bedding and good feed to eat.

In the summer we have a large vegetable garden. We use the composted manure from our animals for fertilizer. Our family, along with young people from the neighbourhood will spend many hours tending the garden. The Groenhide Family
Visit us at the Thunder Bay Country Market 
TARRYMORE FARMS has a lot to offer the community because of its unique local lamb and beef. These products are responsibly grown and marketed at the Thunder Bay Country Market.

The Groenheide Family
Phone: (807) 475-3138
E-mail: wjjgroen@tbaytel.

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