Tastes From “Away”

TOLIVE_jan20-14hey may not Make it, Bake it or Grow it, but entrepreneurs like Don and Violet Hickey at the Superior Olive Oil Company make it possible for Thunder Bay residents to enjoy many of the day-to-day imported essentials we take for granted.

Much as we’d love to be able to produce things like coffee, sugar and cinnamon, our enjoyment of them depends on importers – and it’s great when small businesses are able to provide that connection.

With Don and Violet  joining the Market, patrons now have access to high-quality flavoured olive oils from Argentina and delightful flavoured balsamic vinegars from Italy – much better stuff, Don promises, than you’ll find at the grocery store.  Wondering what the difference is?  Step right up for a taste and see for yourself.

You’ll find the smiling duo standing behind a table ranked with rows of gleaming green bottles in the southeast corner of the Dove’s first floor, happy to answer questions or whip out the bread basket to offer you some samples.  Yes – gluten-free bread is available for dipping, thanks to a new partnership they’ve developed with Ashley from the Gluten-Free Kitchen – and you can try any of their twelve varieties of oil or eleven vinegars.

What are these wonderful condiments good for?  Pretty much anything.  Marinade meats, kick up cheese platters or dip bread chunks.  Drizzle their best-selling Sundried Tomato Parmesan Garlic oil into your bruschetta mix for extra “pow.”  Kick your popcorn up a notch with a swish of Mushroom Medley oil.  Try Spicy Mango Balsamic Vinegar in a salad dressing invention, or splash Chocolate Balsamic on your ice cream.

If you haven’t yet, please stop and see Don and Violet for some samples on your next trip to the Market, and welcome two of our newest vendors to the family!


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