the Beads Go On… 

BeadGoesOn2Fittingly named, “the Beads Go On…” is a small business run by Jolene Papich, located on the first floor of the market. One look at a few of her creations, and you’ll fall in love with some truly inspirational work, beautifully hand-crafted jewellery created using uncommon but unique materials. Comparable to her business name, inspiration seems to go on, never ending as seen through her large variety of creations.

Jolene began “the Beads Go On…” after attempting her first creation for her step-mom, a beaded dragonfly brooch. Always a crafty person, Jolene took up her knack for jewellery-making and began selling her creations at the Thunder Bay Country Market over 13 years ago. Prior to that, she had already had some experience selling some of her other crafts at local craft shows. Now, after being at the market all those years, Jolene is set on jewellery and it’s what she has become known for. This is what inspired her vision years ago, and this is what she continues to create, utilizing her creative talents and an array of unique materials.

When you choose a necklace, earrings, or bracelet from “the Beads Go BeadGoesOnOn…”, you are choosing a design that has been hand-crafted by Jolene herself. Every piece is unique, custom-designed, and hand-made using a host of materials including Swarovski crystals, glass beads, semi-precious stones and even seashells and pearls from her own travels. Every piece of jewellery combines a unique sequence of some or all of these materials, plus some lampwork beads, which are a special focal bead made up of melted coloured glass. These lampwork focal beads are beautiful works of art all by themselves, but when included into a jewellery design, they make the piece even more stunning. And as a result of the long hours Jolene spends in her studio, a large selection of one-of-a-kind jewellery is created, perfect for your own collection, or as a gift. Jolene also welcomes custom orders as well as work for bridal parties.

Currently one of Jolene’s most popular items: her flatware bracelets, made from what used to be forks and spoons in their previous lifetime. Surprisingly attractive, Jolene uses the forks and spoons, teamed with lampwork beads and Swarovski crystals, to create an attractive bracelet that anyone will take notice upon.

Jolene’s knack of crafting and her creative talents have led her to create some truly beautiful jewellery. It isn’t hard to miss her colourful booth, located through the main entrance and off to the right, just behind Kettlecorn. Full of colourful creations and inspirational works, Jolene
welcomes you to stop by and shop, ask questions, and enjoy her work as much as she does.  And, of course…keep coming back to view her ongoing work, because the beads go on…

For more on her attractive creations, visit her Facebook page & group – the Beads go on…


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