The Onion Pakora Dilemma

SHIKHA_pakoraEach golden-brown pakora in the steam tray at the Shikha’s Kitchen table is a little marvel of curry-scented fritter batter and fragrant melt-in-your-mouth onions.  If you haven’t tried them yet, you’re missing out.

They’re a surprising colour on the inside, not something most North Americans expect when they break one open.  An interesting interaction between the onions, the gram flour and the mild Indian spices makes them deep yellow inside.  We’re not sure how to classify these items, though, and could use some help:  Snack food or side dish?

They’re easy to eat with your fingers, and when you leave their table with a little bag of them you’re always tempted to eat a couple while you shop around the Market.  On the other hand, if you’re cooking Indian or reheating one of Shikha’s main-course dishes, you’ll want to have a supply of them on-hand for swabbing up sauce and rice.

The Onion Pakora Dilemma is a good dilemma: eat them while you Market? Save them to go with dinner?  There are no bad choices here.

Another recent arrival to Shikha’s Kitchen is a little stand with slick little jars of Hasan’s hand-ground, hand-blended spices.  If you enjoy cooking Indian food at home, a look at the eye-popping spices in his display should convince you immediately of the value fresh-ground spices like Hasan’s will add to your good recipes.

Shikha’s Kitchen has become a regular fixture at Saturday Markets.  They also operate a take-out kitchen Monday through Sunday at 345 Harold St. N. Visit their profile for contact info or follow them on Facebook.


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