The ‘Bare’ Necessities

Bare02These days, we as consumers are presented with an endless supply of body and self-care products. It’s no wonder that we’ve become so confused and clueless as to which brands are best, or more importantly, what each ingredient’s purpose is in the products we choose. Perhaps you’ve even become a little concerned, in particular for the young ones in your family? Bare Organics to the rescue!!

Karen of Bare Organics became inspired to study just that. Shortly after the birth of her first child, she became concerned about the choices of skin care products that were available to her to use on her newborn son. Many of the listed ingredients were unpronounceable, while the lists of ingredients seemed to go on and on… what were they all doing in her son’s body wash? Karen became committed to research and learn what they all meant and did, which began her journey into developing a line of her own self-care products. Bare Organics was born.

That was 10 years ago. This year, Bare Organics proudly celebrates their 10th year of operations, including 9 years at the Thunder Bay Country Market. Karen and husband Dan are still very true to their initial goals of providing pure and safe products using minimal ingredients. We do our best to have a light footprint, and we thrive on educating people like you about the skin care industry so you can make better choices for you and your family.”Bare01

Bare Organics makes skin care products with food-grade ingredients, so most products are “actually edible, though not tasty”, Karen tells us. Their bestsellers are the Baby & Healing balms that cure everything from diaper rash to eczema, and the Natural Deodorant cream that is extremely effective for everyone from teens to farmers. Other products included in the Bare Organics line include herbal bath salts, natural lip balms, organic bar soap and even a natural DEET-free bug repellant. Bare Organics also offers many alternatives for face and hair care, including natural scrubs, serums and cleansers. And of course, for mama&baby, there are a host of safe products, including everything from massage oils and soaps to balms and hair wash.  To give the gift of Bare Organics, Karen offers gift cards or special packages for a new mother-to-be. There’s plenty of products available, and you can find out more about each of her products on her website.

Karen & Dan love the support and enthusiasm from their market customers. They are currently in planning mode regarding exciting plans that will be unveiled later this spring. We are excited to see what they will come up with next! Bare Organics brings many specialty products to the market, proving that it’s not only important to focus on what we put in our bodies, but also what we put on it. Thank you, Karen and Dan of Bare Organics, for giving our community with the choice of safe and natural self-care products for ourselves and our young ones!

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