There’s Nothing Good For You Here

CRHO_blackforestBobbi Braun’s been known for years as the artist behind the brilliantly-painted bags, aprons and other accessories available at Crazy Horse Studios.  She’s also the daughter of past Market vendor and much-loved home cook Phyllis Burell who retired last year to pursue her painting.

In case any of you are wondering if Phyllis has anything to do with the small cakes and slices now on display at Bobbi’s table on the second floor, let us put this rumour to rest immediately:  Phyllis, known for her past role cooking healthy meals for Olympic athletes and until recently as a purveyor of healthy baking and take-away foods at the Market, has nothing to do with Bobbi’s new additions.  In fact, Bobbi jokes, Phyllis would disagree philosophically with her choice of new offerings.  “There is nothing good for you here,” she says of the sweet, fluffy, colourful, delicious cakes awaiting your cravings beneath their clear domes.

We like that, but we disagree.  Although the goodies on Bobbi’s table might add padding to your padded places or send you to the dentist sooner than you like, there’s something to be said for indulging your sweet tooth once in awhile.  And if you’re going to indulge your sweet tooth, it might as well be with baking that’s rendered with the technical precision Bobbi brings to the endeavour.  Years of experience at a baking job in another life taught Bobbi the secrets of balance, ratio and timing.  That means her perfectly-rendered cakes are spongy and moist, layered with just the right amount of buttercream or whip or, as in the case of the Black Forest Cake we took home, cherry preserves.  Bobbi’s understandably proud of her creations.  “Look at these perfect chocolate curls!” she crows at a lady who stops to check out the selection.  Bobbi knows an important truth about food:  you eat with your eyes first.

Different sweets appear every week, but she takes requests, so if you’re craving that Tropical Vacation cake or a beautiful birthday cake – rosettes, vines and all – chat with Bobbi to order.

See you on the second floor this weekend!

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