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Learn more about our livestock farmers here!

Learn more about our livestock farmers here!

MYPR_meatballs1“Ingredients:  Thunder Bay Veal, Spices.”

There’s not a lot of room in that description for filler material.  Mike Visser of MyPride Farms will tell you there’s no room in his meatballs for filler, either.

Mike’s been with the Market for about two years now and has been growing his operation the whole time, developing both new products to show off his local veal and new relationships through which he invests back into our community – typically through donations of food.  Mike gets quite a bit of press for his support of Shelter House, but let’s not forget that he’s a Market vendor too, and it can be easy to forget he’s got great products in that freezer of his.

MYPR_meatballs2Last week we got a good reminder when we tried MyPride Farms’ Veal Meatballs.  We baked them at 350 for about 30 minutes, then turned up the broiler to high and glazed them a little to bring out a nice brown flavour.  Mike’s veal is leaner than most ground beef, so you’ll want to be careful when you cook these little babies not to overdo it – they will be less forgiving than a fattier product.  Ours came out with a shiny red glaze and very nearly became snack food on the instant.

The mysterious “spices” in Mike’s meatballs must include garlic or garlic powder because they have a lovely delicate garlic aroma.  It wasn’t overpowering – we weren’t tasting it over and over again after dinner – just a wonderful smell while cooking and a delicious mild flavour.   He just smiled mysteriously when we asked him at the Market what was in there. We suspect that there is some veal, a good helping of pride, and some secret-recipe spices to bind it all together.

MYPR_meatballs3We combined MyPride Farms’ delicious Veal Meatballs with a jar of Chino’s Low Sodium tomato sauce for a delicious dinner with minimal preparation. Next time we’re going to try them with a sweet and sour recipe and serve them as meatball appetizers with toothpicks though – these guys deserve to stand alone sometimes too!

Meet Mike Visser this weekend at the MyPride stall and check out his meatballs and other great local veal products.

Did you know? Thunder Bay’s long days make for great grazing. Our grasses tend to be sweeter and richer because of their sunlight hours. The added flavour of our grasses affects the flavour of the animals that eat them. Many people believe that this is one of the reasons Thunder Bay’s local meats taste so good.

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