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Early Snows Hand-thrown PotteryHooked on Clay
Fritz Lehmberg made his first “bowl” in 1971. It fell over in the end, but he was hooked on clay. He wanted to learn throwing and this he did wherever he landed during his transient 20s.

After moving to Thunder Bay in 1980, (and a few more ceramics courses, this time at LU), he set up a full time studio in 1983 at the old Franklin Street School. In 1989, he moved into a hand-built timber frame home and studio on Hwy. 61 and built his first wood burning kiln in 1990.

A recently rebuilt wood kiln has started to produce pots with varied surfaces and an “aged” look. Fritz is excited about this and looks forward to showing you the pots. Good food deserves a better dish.

“Love of the irregular is a sign of the quest for freedom”
Soetsu Yanagi

Early Snows Pottery
Fritz Lehmberg
(807) 475-9758

Early Snows Pottery at the Market.Early Snows Pottery at the Market.

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