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Self-taught but inspired by much, a love of and interest in flowers developed into a passion which found me scanning the ditches, the woods, and my friends’ backyards for grasses, wildflowers, twigs and other gifts of nature. I couldn’t help it, or so it seemed, for I imagined all of these things taking some shape or place in my floral designs. In time, Moss Cottage was born.
MossCottage_soapSince that time, Moss Cottage has become a venture that has drawn me closer to the garden – the need to be ‘in the garden’ indoors or out. In 1999, we planted ourselves on 26 amazing acres and garden by garden the land surrounding our reclaimed 1929 barn began to blossom with the flowers and herbs I would grow and which would become the focus of my business. In 2005, the planting of the largest field began and the flower-farmer florist in me emerged.

A constant work in progress, I look forward to testing different varieties of flowers each growing season. Summer and early fall finds me offering freshly-harvested flowers and herbal bouquets for market and ultimately for eco-conscious brides and grooms looking for local, naturally grown flowers and decor.

Once dried, many of the flowers and herbs I grow make their way into our all-natural line of handmade cold process (old fashioned) bar and shaving soaps. These are available in a variety of essential oil-based scent combinations at the market each week.


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