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All-Natural grower Teresa Daniele at the Market.All-Natural grower Teresa Daniele at the Market.


Vibrant and larger than life, Teresa Daniele brings you her all natural vegetables at the Country Market. Growing up in Italy has taught her the value of hard work and dedication amongst family and community. Throughout her life, Teresa has always been incredibly passionate about gardening. Over the years, Teresa's gardens have grown to accommodate a new passion; to help the people of Thunder Bay eat healthy, locally grown vegetables too. As one of the first vendors at the Country Market Teresa is a promise of the essential yet simple pleasures in life.

Teresa’s gifted green thumb brings the natural world to life. Walking through her gardens is like strolling through a paradise, where her own vivid charm is reflected in her colourful gardens. She offers vibrant red tomatoes, lush green lettuces, cucumber, and zucchini along with eggplant that is a delectable, dark purple. She grows a spectrum of different peppers, squashes and beans, as well as carrots, onions, potatoes, beets and garlic. Or perhaps for a sweeter taste, Teresa grows the juiciest apples and grapes. Teresa uses her strategic managing skills to bring these vegetables each week, all season long. She is not only devoted to quantity, but quality vegetables. Teresa’s gardens are grown 100% naturally with no pesticides, herbicides and only natural fertilizer from their friendly pet goats.

Teresa’s hospitality always welcomes visitors, however it is best to buy from her at the Country Market. She is extremely busy throughout the week working in her gardens and spending time with her family. Therefore she solely dedicates her Saturdays each week to interacting with her customers. Whether you spot her friendly face or overhear her larger than life personality, her spirited presence is welcoming to all customers. She looks forward to this time each week, where she can chat with customers and give mouthwatering recipes for her vegetables. So come out and meet Teresa, and fall in love with her all natural vegetables just as much as she has.

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