Vendor Listings: Ethnic & Comfort Foods

Baba's:  Ukrainian Soups, Cabbage Rolls, Pierogies, Salads, Hot Dishes. Keri & Gerry Garland, Thunder Bay, ON

Big Lake Pasta: Artisanal Pasta. Andrew Murchison, Thunder Bay, ON.

Chino's:  Italian Pasta Sauces.  Don Sacino, Thunder Bay, ON.

Lucy Q Perogies:  Handmade Perogies - 12+ Varieties.  Judy Fedorchuk, Thunder Bay, ON

Salween: Thai-Burmese cuisine. Thunder Bay, ON.

Shikha's Kitchen:  East Indian Foods, Spices.  Shikha & Iqbal Hasan, Thunder Bay, ON.

Thai-Karen Cookhouse:  Thai Springrolls, Sausages, Sushi.  Thunder Bay, ON


Our food vendors love what they do.

Each has a unique style and a passion for their work, and together they bring an assortment to the Market that's worthy of a big-city setting.  Browsing through our ready-to-heat vendors' tables you'll find foods from a riot of ethnic backgrounds.  Other cooks love to invent, fusing different elements together to create new tastes.  Supplement your own efforts, combine national dishes into a smorgasbord or make fabulous lunches on the run.  Don't forget to stop by the Market Café for breakfast on Saturdays and dinners on Wednesdays and don't be shy about snacking from our hot food vendors while you shop!  Seating is available downstairs near the Café and in the middle upstairs.