Vendor Listings: Meat, Dairy & Eggs

Cornell FarmsBeef and pork products. Kim & Pat Cornell, Devlin, ON.

MyPride FarmVeal. Mike Visser, Thunder Bay, ON.

Northern Unique:  Wild Boar, Frozen Prepared Foods. The Walsh Family, Thunder Bay, ON.

Rainy River Elk Co.Elk Meat, Elk products. Bill Darby & Deb Cornell, off Highway 11/17 near Devlin, ON.

Sandy Acres FarmsBeef, Pork. Peter Brink & Scott Poluyko, Thunder Bay, ON.


Slate River Dairy: Pasteurized, Natural Dairy Products. Jim & Wilma Mol, Thunder Bay, ON.

Tarrymore Farms Ltd:   Eggs, Beef, Pork, Lamb, Vegetables. The Groenheide Family, Thunder Bay, ON.

Walkabout Farm: Pork, Lamb. Rob and Janice Groenheide, Thunder Bay, ON.

The Fish Shop:   Fresh & Smoked Fish. Liisa Karkkainen, Thunder Bay, ON.

Thunder Oak Cheese Farm:  Gouda Cheese, Swiss Cheese. The Schep Family, Thunder Bay, ON.

Naturally Local

At the Market you'll find wonderful choices in meats, eggs and dairy products including Gouda and Swiss cheese, curds and yogurt made with local milk.  Most of our beef, pork and lamb producers are family operations and do things the old-fashioned way, bringing meats to the Market untouched by chemical supplements, grazed on regional pastureland and fed local grains.  You'll also find some unusual meats at the Market, like elk, and we have a regular vendor who brings Lake Superior trout and whitefish caught by local fishermen.