Vendor Profile: Waking Giant Coffee

WGNT_logoWaking Giant Coffee is owned and operated by Jay Stapleton.

Jay is passionate about high-quality, freshly roasted coffee. He features coffee roasted on site at The Renaissance Cafe and from other local roasters. Waking Giant offers whole bean or freshly ground coffee, and brewed coffee at the main floor location, and a full range of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, and espresso drinks at the upstairs cafe on the South side of the building.

All of Waking Giant’s coffees are sourced with a high quality, ethical, and sustainable view. We work with distributors and farmers to ensure that workers are paid above the minimum fair trade wages whenever possible, that the coffee is grown organically, and that the quality standards are maintained.

GNW_beansWaking Giant normally carries at least one variety of decaffeinated coffee, which is processed using either the Swiss Mountain Water Method, or the Supercritical Carbon Dioxide method – both of which remove at least 99% of caffeine, and leave behind no harmful residues.

Jay has been a vendor at market for many years, starting out growing and selling vegetables with Boreal Edge Farm before getting into the coffee business.

“I love the market, as a vendor, as a board member, and as a customer. It is one of the greatest communities in our city. I am happy to be a part of it.”

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