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coffeeWaking up for those early mornings to make it to the Thunder Bay Country Market need not be difficult anymore. A cup of coffee, not just any coffee, from Waking Giant may be just the trick to get you on your feet a little quicker this Saturday (or any weekday for that matter!) Step into our doors and find owner Jay Stapleton eager to serve you a cup of freshly roasted coffee.

Jay came to know and love the market earlier on through selling produce with Boreal Edge Farm. “I love the market, as a vendor, as a board member, and as a customer.” And after running The Study Coffeehouse at Lakehead University for two years, he decided to pursue his own ventures of coffee making, opening Waking Giant.

“I bring in coffee that is ethically traded from all over the world, then have it roasted locally.” In fact, Waking Giant features coffee from a total of 6 countries as far away as the continents of Arica and Central America! Jay is passionate about the quality, sustainability and ethics of where his coffee is sourced from. As much as possible, he works with farmers and suppliers who ensure the workers are paid above the minimum fair trade wages, that the coffee is grown organically, and that quality standards are met. WGNT_logo

Interested in sipping at it for yourself? Jay’s coffee is featured at the Thunder Bay Country Market (Wednesdays and Saturdays). Waking Giant itself is located at 59 Court Street South, where they offer coffee beans for purchase, fresh coffee by the cup, and many more local goodies. Seating and free WiFi makes their cafe the perfect sit-down for work or recreation.

Jay knows that at the heart of every morning wakeup is that first cup of coffee… Whether you drink a cappuccino or espresso, Waking Giant has a specialty bean sort for that. Come sip-a-cup for yourself and experience the perfect wakeup with Waking Giant!

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